"For years I’ve been struggling with chronic migraines that would last 1-4 days resulting in nausea that force me to barricade myself in my room with minimal sounds and lights.. I was put on steroids that seem to make it worse and knew I needed a change since medications weren’t cutting it anymore. My friend Krysci reached out to me and recommended I go see a chiropractor. I’ve never been to a chiropractor and was doubtful that chiropractic care would’nt even help me. After doing tons of research I started seeing Dr.Mierzwa at Forestville Chiropractic who not only had a super helpful and nice staff, but also was compassionate and informative. She recommended that I change jobs, relax and after 1.5 months of care, I already felt amazing! I feel more informative and cannot recommend Dr. Mierzwa enough. Give chiropractic a try it will change your life!"

- Brandi R.

"Three months of relentless elbow pain whenever I’m lifting, writing, moving my arm or even carrying things is way too long to have muscle pains from tendonitis. I’ve gone to many doctors that have put me on medications and I’ve done multiple sessions of physical therapy, none in which has helped me. Michelle Maggio, my massage therapist, recommended I go see Dr. Mierzwa as a last resort to give me comfort for my pain. Dr. Mierzwa recommended Laser therapy and after just a couple weeks of Laser Therapy sessions my pain decreased, and mobility increased. I’m so grateful for not only the Doctor but the staff as well for giving me such a great experience. I’ve already recommended at least half a dozen people to the Forestville chiropractic office!"

- Vicky R.

"Dr. Mierzwa recently helped me out immensely. I had shooting pain down my arm resulting from a problem in my neck. After 2 visits I experienced incredible relief. Thank you Dr. Mierzwa!"

- Deacon Matt H.

"I am a 61-year-old retired school teacher who still works in the school with students. Between stress from daily life & osteoarthritis setting in my back & neck I needed relief from pain. I see Dr. Mierzwa on a regular basis to have a better quality of life with less pain. After seeing different chiropractors she is the only one that has given me the relief my body needs to enjoy my life."

- Martha W.

"After suffering with back pain for several months & a doctor report stating arthritis & bone spurs I started coming to Dr. Mierzwa at the referral of a friend. I am not kidding when I say after the first appt. I was feeling better. Not that I am pain free but I do have good days! Along with bad days but to have somewhat of a quality day Dr. Mierzwa has given me some better days! I have exercises she has me do, but after having such pain for so long and feeling relief, at this point to feel better, I will do anything! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mierzwa. The office is very casual and Miranda is very sweet & friendly. I am glad to have found them! Thank You."

- Kristine W.

"A HUGE thank you to Dr. Mierzwa for not only diagnosing but treating my constant headaches! Not even my primary doctor could help me. I never thought to mention my headaches to my chiropractor but on a fluke I did. She asked me some questions & was able to uncover the fact that I clench my teeth (constantly). I had no idea. Now that we know the cause she has been treating me & I've already had a full headache-free week! I can't thank you enough for loving what you do & making it obvious in the way you treat your patients. Amazing!"

- Heather S.

"I've been going to Dr. Mierzwa & she's helped me with my back & neck enabling me to breathe better and pass my lifeguarding. I've been a lifeguard since 1964. I'm one of the oldest in Chautauqua county. I also have MS- my legs get weak & tired. She's been keeping me going. I'm still qualifying & passing all of my tests & in services. I work at BOCES taking handicapped kids out of their wheelchairs & taking them swimming. I'm proud to be able to keep on performing my job thanks to her care."

- Mary Ann B.

"I've had a very positive experience with Dr. Mierzwa. She's always treated me well and I'm very happy with her work."

- Tim H.

Laser Testimonials April 2015 "I injured my lower back in January 2011 which put me out of work for 2 months. I went to Dr. Mierzwa for chiropractic care and went back to work with no problems. Then I re-injured my back in May of 2013 and it was worse. I couldn’t stand up straight; I was bent over and in extreme pain. I went to my doctor who gave me about 4 prescriptions and physical therapy. I did this for about 3 or 4 months. Everything they tried made it worse with more pain.

Then I went for an MRI to find out I have 3 bulging discs in my neck with boney fibrous growths on the outside and 4 bulging discs in the lower back. I was then sent to the first 2 spine specialists who said “you’re too young” and they wouldn’t do anything for me. I saw a couple more specialists who ran tests and suggested 10 injections to the spine for about 4 months.

There was no change so they wanted to do more injections and possibly fusion. I went to one last specialist, tried 4 more injections which didn’t work. They suggested to go to a chiropractor who may give me 6 more years before needing surgery. I called Forestville Chiropractic and talked to Dr. Jessica Mierzwa who suggested trying cold Laser Therapy. I was ready for anything, so why not? I was out of work for 6 months with no change in my back pain or being able to stand up straight when I started the Laser therapy.

After a few visits, my pain level went from a 10 everyday to a 5 or 6 and now it is down to a 3 or 4 which is great! Now I can also stand straight up without being bent over looking like a 90 year old man with no spine. I am now back to work and I do 1 to 2 appointments a week. Thanks Dr. Mierzwa, you are the best chiropractor in the world."

- Scott N.

"My name is Vanessa Buck and I am an Assistant Manager at KFC/Taco Bell in Fredonia. I recently endured a Brachial Plexus injury while walking my dog on his leash. My shoulder was forced down which caused damage to the upper nerves that make up the brachial plexus, and my neck stretched up and away from my shoulder. The lower nerves were also injured because my arm was forced above my head when I fell. Due to my injury, I felt paralyzed.

I was taken out of work by my primary care physician for a week. It was extremely difficult for me to sleep, sit, stand, drive my car, shower etc. I was prescribed a steroid, as well as a muscle relaxer, but I was still in constant, unbearable pain. I was also prescribed Occupational Therapy. After six days on the medication, and one visit at the Occupational Therapist, I was still completely miserable. I saw Dr. Mierzwa in passing a week later. I had stopped at her clinic to pay my bill, and she could tell something was wrong. I explained my situation to her and she told me that she wanted to try her Theralase treatment on me. Theralase is a cold laser treatment that can be used on humans, as well as animals. Theralase capabilities include healing neural muscular skeletal conditions through pain elimination and inflammation reduction and increased tissue regeneration.

Theralase lasers penetrate up to 10 cm below the skin surface, and heal tissue faster than any other cold laser on the market. My primary care physician told me that it could take up to seven weeks for me to begin healing from my injury. After only three Theralase treatments, I felt an incredible amount of relief. I was back to work earlier than anticipated, I did not finish my prescribed steroid or muscle relaxer, and I did not return to Occupational Therapy. After seven treatments, I was 100% better. I have not had any neck or shoulder pain since my last treatment. I would highly recommend trying Theralase treatments from Dr. Mierzwa!"

- Vanessa B.


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