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Chiropractic Forestville NY Past Events

2017 Thank You

From all of us here at Forestville Chiropractic, P.C. we want to send a huge THANK YOU to all of the community, our patients, our friends & family, and to everyone who shows us the love support and joy we use to keep us going. This year has been an amazing ride with all of its ups and downs ins, outs twist, and turns. We've learned so much and have grown because of all of you! The brainstorming with Partners in Kind of Chautauqua County and the charity work all of you have partaken in has been the best feeling anyone could ask for. We could not have made this year so successful without all of your help and support!


Biggest Month Yet: December 2017

Our biggest month yet. Wow where has the year gone so much to do so little time. The first week of the month we celebrated Dr. Mierzwa's Birthday. We also added a Doctor!! Dr. Boedecker was ready to join our team and started his hours around Christmas!

Also at the start of the month we took on 9 grateful families to support and provide holiday gifts. We once again looked to our patients, community and local companies to take hand in the help to provide a joyful holiday. Each of the 41 participating family members were to make a Christmas list. We then set up our Giving Tree and asked for anyone to come select an ornament and fil that items listed on the ornament for kids 8 months to Seniors. We had families who were struck with home destruction, loss of work, a single mom of three adopted boys and three foster boys and so much many other situations all the way down to a family who didn't even have a Christmas tree. That tree was later donated from a local tree farm here in Forestville. Every one of the 115 gifts were collected for every member of our giving tree. We are so thankful for the people we surround ourselves with, those going above and beyond the call of action and making a child's Christmas more than what was asked for. We had so many amazing local companies participate with us that we were able to provide a dinner night out, a movie and pizza night in, even lunch, movies and bowling. We had gift cards from tops, so these families could have Christmas dinner. Many thanks are in order for all the local businesses that helped us through this. See the article for a list of those companies and always be sure to shop and support local!!!

With all this wonderful help we looked to our patients and said they need something, so we decided to do a 12 days of Christmas give away! We had 12 gifts to give mostly Bio- Freeze but also discounted services. Our winners are pictured, and were very thankful to have been selected!



Brainstorming Ideas with Partners in Kind: November & December 2017

Through November we brained stormed ideas with Partners in Kind. While teaching Dr. Mierzwa's three kids philanthropy, they traveled to the Veterans dinner that was set up by Melissa Pietrickwickz and the Partners in Kind volunteer crew. Dr. Mierzwa likes to regularly attend events for PIK and contributes a great amount of time volunteering with them. Our next mission was set and to be announced shortly after Thanksgiving.

What's next you may wonder?

Chiropractic Forestville NY Facebook Event Chiropractic Forestville NY Facebook Event

Forestville Fall Event: October 2017

Our T.V. winner was selected!! Big Congrats To Joe Pchelka. We also attended the Forestville Fall Festival and was able to meet a lot of locals and a few out of towners who wanted to learn about chiropractic! We also had a spooky good deal on our Foot levelers Orthotics!

Chiropractic Forestville NY Halloween

Chiropractic Forestville NY Halloween

Chiropractic Forestville NY Halloween

Happy Birthday Chiropractic: September 2017

Chiropractic Forestville NY Happy Birthday

Chiropractic Forestville NY Happy Birthday

Chiropractic Forestville NY Happy Birthday  

Partners in Kind: August 2017

August is here and we have our family selected from Partners in Kind, ready for some back to school help. We contacted our very deserving family who had to compile a list of things they thought they would need for back to school relief. This family was very vague with what they had actually needed. We asked if there was anything else they needed so we could go above and beyond school supplies that would make the school year a little easier. We Posted over 100 items for the 3 kiddos and we were pleasantly surprised when we heard of a one of the kids not having a bed to sleep in. So jumping into action our Sarah went to Facebook market place to see what we could do. She was able to find a loft bed where the child would be able to get a desk for homework which he also asked for. We gather donations from our caring patients, when we had enough, Sarah went to pick up the loft bed and discussing the situation the seller, he decided to donate the loft bed and the new mattresses to go with it!!! We took all of august to have our community and patients help in our efforts and were able to complete our mission with time to spare. The family received all of their back to school items the week before school and started the year off in style! We Love and Thank our patients for every ounce of effort they put forth in our care!!!

Chiropractic Forestville NY Backpack

 Chiropractic Forestville NY Partners in Kind

Chiropractic Forestville NY Office Sticky Notes

Chiropractic Forestville NY Office Sticky Notes

Grill Give-Away: July 2017

In July The give away was Done and we Had our winner. MaryAnn Bittner received her First ever grill. This was extra special because she had never had a grill of her own before. We again participated with Partners in Kind starting our next Giving phase for the year. This month we started informing everyone of what was to come, BACKPACKS. We had our patients families and Community nominate local families that could use some back to school help in August!


Chiropractor Forestville NY Jessica Mierzwa with Staff

Chiropractic Forestville NY Partners in Kind

Chiropractic Forestville NY Office Back To School Help

Food Pantry: June 2017

June, we kept our patients on edge with who would win the grill. We did entries through Facebook, likes, reviews, shares, check-ins, and comments could qualify you for the grill. We also partnered with the Forestville Food Pantry and were able to supply a wagon full of donations at the end of the month. We also attended a charity event at Tri-County Golf Course allowing us to donate a basket into their raffle as well as a basket from the office for those who were scanned for foot levelers at the event.

Chiropractic Forestville NY Food Pantry Needs

Chiropractic Forestville NY June Press Release

Memorial Month, Teacher Appreciation Week, Mothers Day: May 2017

In May we did three things that would enter our patients in to win a grill at the end of July. After the last two months we had a great response and we wanted to do something for the people who supported us. We celebrated Memorial month Teacher Appreciation week and Mother's day. We thank you for all of your support and the positions you hold in our community!

Chiropractic Forestville NY Teacher Appreciation

Chiropractic Forestville NY Hornets

Chiropractic Forestville NY Massage

Partners in Kind - Caring For The Community: March & April 2017

In the second quarter of our work year we met this awesome woman who was trying her best to make Chautauqua county a better place by helping people where ever she could. Melissa Pietrkiewicz started Partners in Kind of Chautauqua County. Dr. Mierzwa decided we could be a part of her project and commit to a year of helping hands. She came to us with the first mission and we knew right then and there this was our thing we loved what she was doing. Our first mission was to provided bags for children in the foster system. We were to provide bags that these children would take to their new home. During the month we met with so many people who had the same hearts as ours. Our community and our patients rallied together here in the office to collect over 550 total items including 115 bags for these kiddos. HOW AMAZING!!! We weren't alone however Mel from partners in kind, Lakeshore Savings Bank, Larry Spacc GMC, Aloe Vera's Eateries, Elevation Combat and Sports Academy all participated in this and many more of Partners in kinds many projects.

Chiropractic Forestville NY Partners in Kind

Partners in Kind is a Chautauqua County based group of compassionate citizens who volunteer their time and resources to aid in the lives of others in our local community. Since their start in December of 2016, they've provided Christmas gifts to four local families, over 1,000 pieces of warm winter wear has been distributed around pro towns, diapers and clothing for multiple foster children and have helped with disaster relief when tragedy struck two families who lost their homes due to house fires to name a few. Throughout the month of February alone over 150 random or intentional acts of kindness were committed on their behalf. Each month they rely on the generosity of community members to help support their mission.


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