Forestville Chiropractic, P.C. Office Tour

Thank you for considering Forestville Chiropractic, P.C. Your first visit will take about 15-45 minutes. We ask all patients to print and fill out their forms at home. We understand some may not be able to do so and instead ask that you come in about 15-20 minutes before your allotted appointment time to complete the forms here in our office.

Once you’ve completed the forms, you will be asked to check-in on our tablets, where you will answer symptom-related questions that help the doctor. This will be followed by a thorough consultation and exam. Dr. Mierzwa focuses on two things, getting you better, and if we cannot provide you with a referral to a local doctor who can be a better help to you.

We do on most occasions adjust on the first visit however the doctor may feel it is necessary to get X-rays. We use a diversified adjustment with emphasis on specific techniques for you, including webster breech. Dr. Mierzwa is also CPEP certified. Posture exercises and stretches may be provided during your visit.

During check out, we will schedule you for the subsequent visits and collect payment. We offer payment plans through care credit, Discounted medical plans with Chirohealth USA, Cash, Check, and most major credit cards. If you have additional questions please give us a call! We look forward to seeing you soon.

How to Find a Chiropractor in Forestville