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Dr. Mierzwa is so excited to provide you with the most up to date chiropractic diagnostic technology available on the market today, in order for her to best determine your individualized care plan.

We are sure you are curious as to what exactly these tools are, how they work, and what they show!

Insight CLA NeuroCORE, NeuroPulse, and NeuroThermal.

Insight CLA has been at forefront of innovative technology for measuring nerve tension and the depth at which the nerve tension affects the organs, glands and blood vessels. To look deeper into the spinal nerve connections by state-of-the-art NeuroThermal scan.

With our NeuroCORE scanning technology, we can immediately and accurately detect the regions of your spine that are stressed and inflamed.

And the NeuroPulse allows us to see the rhythm and control of the nervous system. Whether its the physical, biochemical or mental-emotional stressors, these accumulate and drain the reserve to help cope or adapt. We look at your Heart rate variability to find the ideal simple way of understanding how your body handles these stressors.

Five separate graphs are created from INSiGHT reports provided by your scan, Dr. Mierzwa is able to move her treatment beyond symptom-based care and create a specific, individualized care plan tailored to meet your needs by targeting areas specific to your body.

Throughout your care, Dr. Mierzwa will reevaluate your treatment with follow-up scans to visually track progress and improvements and make adjustments to your care plan, as needed.


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