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Partners in Kind is a Chautauqua County based group of compassion citizens who volunteer their time and resources to aid in the lives of others in our local community. Since their start in December of 2016, they've provided Christmas gifts to four local families, over, 1000 pieces of warm winter wear has been distributed around pro towns, diapers and clothing for multiple foster children and have helped with disaster relief when tragedy struck two families who lost their homes due to house fires to name a few. Throughout the month of February alone over 150 random or international acts of kindness were committed on their behalf. Each month they rely on the generosity of community members to help support their mission.

Chiropractic Forestville NY Upcoming Event

I am a 61-year-old retired school teacher who still works in the school with students. Between stress from daily life & osteoarthritis setting in my back & neck I needed relief from pain. I see Dr. Mierzwa on a regular basis to have a better quality of life with less pain. After seeing different chiropractors she is the only one that has given me the relief my body needs to enjoy my life.

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